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Independent Routes at Chisenhale

TIME: Saturday 24th September, 6PM (doors open) - 9PM (doors close). Performances start: 6.40PM

LOCATION: 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, E3 5 London

ENTRANCE: £8 (pre-bookings £6)


This Saturday, (24th September) Chisenhale Dance Space will host a new performance platform, Independent Routes which has been set up by Daniel Persson, My film 'Colour Play' will be one of the films shown in the foyer during the event. Here's the trailer.

Independent Routes celebrates new work from the freelance dance / performance art-scene. The event was born from many months of hunger for a new performance platform and a space for artists to share their work or work-in-progress with room for discussion/feedback. Its an evening that lifts work from the studio/workplace/livingroom into a performance to be shared with an audience. This 3-hour long event of performances takes place in Chisenhale's Mainspace, with installational performances and films screened in their Foyer. - Audience are welcome (and encouraged) to enter and exit the mainspace in between the pieces in order to take their own routes to experience the foyer events as well. - Each artist / collective will do a short presentation or Questions & Answer-session offering a further insight into their processes and work.

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