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Choreodrome/Touch Wood at The Place

Was very happy this summer to be offered two weeks R & D as part of Choreodrome at The Place. It was a great opportunity to hothouse ideas for my new piece and to be part of a community of choreographers and collaboratiors. While on the Choreodrome residency, some choregraphers were able to take part in a three day workshop/conference called Digital Playground which featured speakers from Dirty Electronics, Last Theory and many more.

Touch Wood is the annual showcase for work which has been developed during Choreorome, an exciting chance to try out new works in an unfinished state and get audience immediate feedback. My new piece Absent Impressions received very positive and useful feedback; 'a cornocopia of ideas' 'a journey into a magical world', 'like the most beautiful nightmare'. I am looking forward to developing it over the next few months

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