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Tokyo Photos

In 2016 I visited Japan, I took my film camera with me. One year later with a backlog of film, I am finally I'm getting round to developing them. As I saw these first prints coming out I was struck by how my mind transported me back to the streets and temples of Japan; the smell, sound, atmosphere of a place all unlocked when I came to gaze into these images. And the thought that more of them lie ready to be developed excites me, as I know there will be more smells and sounds to relive. I am always surprised by how photography can do this to the mind and how after so long a time these sensations are still recalled so strongly.   


Many of these images are from the first leg of my journey which started in Tokyo. A city that really does not sleep and if it does its slumbers take place on the commuter train. people finishing work as just as likely to travel with the people off to work. But in all of this, a place of calm can always be found. Places which seem to have been saturated by generations of stillness and respectful silence that, to do anything but to comply would be un-sewing the thread that connects us to the past. In these Images,  I think I talk about this kind of space and how the city seems to exist with this conflict.

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