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Choreographer / Performer:
Anders Duckworth (they/them)

Sound Artist:
Kat Austen (she/her)

Emma Franklin (she/xyr)

Historical Costume Maker:
Nadia Miah (she/her)

Set Design:
Kit Hinchcliff (she/her)

Scent Artist:
John Foley (he/him)

Gender Consultant:
Daisy Hale (they/them)

The REcreate Agency

Supported by
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Mapping Gender is an exhibition of performance, image, sound, research, and interviews, exploring how society controls and shapes landscapes and human bodies.

Mapping Gender is a solo performance which engages the audience in discussions of borders, boundaries and their effect on people. It's an invitation to enter a world of non-binary perspectives of the demarcations of land and of body.

The piece has gone through an R&D and is soon working towards a creation period with a TBC Gallery Preview in July 2022 and a confirmed UK premiere of the work in September 2022 at The Place. We are looking for further collaborators, partners and commissioners to support the project as it develops over this year.

Jerry Brotton’s book A History of the World in 12 Maps kickstarted my obsession with cartography
and the way that borders are carved through landscapes with no regard for the human and environmental cost.  My knowledge of dress patterns led me to see the body as being divided in similar ways: maps for the 
body.  I was always drawn to the historical costumes in the V&A collection, fascinated by the way that they controlled and manipulated the body so explicitly, the 18th-century mantua being one of the most extreme examples of this. Hearing other non-binary stories both past and present has fuelled the project and 
made it possible for me to conceive of this work and give a voice to the non-binary experience. 


I am working with a historical costumier, to create a late 18th-century mantua.

This garment is highly gendered, restricting, and inhibiting of the wearer yet reflects the confidence, arrogance and wealth of the European colonial powers of the time. We will be focusing on recreating a garment from the V&A collection but with digitally printed fabric.

I am collaborating with sound artist Kat Austen. Kat creates sound sculptures and new media installations and will be incorporating many different elements of field recordings, speech and music to create the soundscape for this piece. Kat makes sonic instruments that produce sound from Ph and humidity readers and she will build in these sounds to work with soil samples from historically disputed territories. We have also been working together on the visual imagery which will materialise in the work in the form of

projection and printed fabrics. One of my aims with this work is to engage the senses beyond the auditory and visual. I will be working with olfactory artist John Foley, who will be creating a scentscape for the work to sit in.