Anders Duckworth (they/them) is a British/Swedish choreographer and dance artist. They are currently undergoing a period of research & development for their latest dance installation, Mapping Gender, a collaboration with sound artist Kat Austen who creates sculptural and new media installations with a focus on environmental issues. This project will bring together non-binary perspectives & stories to explore how society controls & shapes both landscapes and human bodies. 

Anders made an open call for 10 non-binary people to share their experience. This research was designed to be inclusive and was carried out in a variety of formats that best suited the participants such as a conversation, a written or artistic response or a video recording. Anders was particularly interested to find perspectives of intersectionality and those which fall outside of the arts.

The selected participants were paid an honorarium of £100 for their time. We closed the call out on the 9th November 2020. Anders is hoping to repeat the process so If interested, please email to begin a conversation.
        Selection Process

The selection process happened through a short informal email exchange and was based on the participants availability, willingness to take part and interest in the research questions. To ensure Anders heard from a wide pool of non-binary people, the wider diversity across the other participants was also a consideration. Selected participants completed a consent form agreeing to the use of their stories & answers in the research process.


Participants will discuss with Anders the best way to document their responses to these questions and agree a suitable time to do this. As part of the research process, it is important that participants are comfortable at all times and feel safe. The process is designed to be inclusive and responsive to participants' needs. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and government advice on non-essential travel and contact, it is likely that this work will be carried out digitally and remotely.
        Research Questions

Research questions participants will answer include:
- How do you feel in your skin?
- What has your journey been?
- Do you see yourself as an activist?
- What is your understanding of gender?
- Do you feel your gender identity cause friction in your society?
- What challenges do you face as a non-binary person?
- How does this identity intersect with other identities you hold?