Rowan de Freitas

Artist and filmmaker

Rowan de Freitas was born in Oxford (UK) and grew up in County Clare (IRL). Artist and filmmaker recently graduated with a BA in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Arts, London. She has shown work in the UK, Mexico and Greece, and has undertaken 3 international residency programmes. She has organised and conducted collaborative workshops in the UK, Spain, Serbia and Greece.


Is it film or performance?

Is it written or spoken?

Is it documentary or fiction?

Who can speak and why?

Who can walk where and why?


I create meeting points between live, recorded and observed actions, playing with the boundaries between documentation and storytelling. Photography, film, writing ,walking and intervention are tools to unearth hidden narratives and disrupt oppressive ones, to form intimate connections and challenge parameters. I use the analogue image a lot in my work, bringing the process out of the lab and into public space. I use our shared digital existence too, sharing personal narratives to challenge/cope with wider political situations. My work explores transitory, in-between places in a search for subversive, non-linear narratives that exist in the cracks in the pavement, in discarded moments and unwritten histories


Anders Duckworth 2019

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