Simea Cavelti 

Dance Performer and Maker

Born in 1991, Simea holds a Bachelor Degree from London Contemporary Dance School (2014). During her studies she has worked with José Agudo, Joe Moran, Sasha Roubicek, Wayne Parsons and Anders Duckworth and at the same time developed through her Bachelor Thesis and visit in Cairo a strong interest in Arab Culture and its contemporary art scene. The later let her to Lebanon, Jordan and Morocco where she worked with mintala Dance Company (Jorge Crecis and Samar Haddad King), Maqamat Dance Theatre Lebanon and was invited for a residency at Espace Darja Casablanca. In Switzerland, where Simea is currently bases she has danced for Joshua Monten and Hermesdance.

Since 2015 Célina Liesegang and Simea Cavelti are collaborating to investigate and explore how we are dealing with the difference of ‘the other’ in an ever-changing social environment. It’s as much of a personal, individual as well as a structured and artistic exploration. The piece Put, Aggregated which won the ‘Tankstelle 2016’ prize in Switzerland has emerged out of this close collaboration. They thereby created a concept that seeks to physically and personally express social realities in an abstract format.

Performed in Map Lines and No, Just Nothing  


Anders Duckworth 2019

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